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Pointers to stories (mostly online) where characters, through time-travel, get a chance to "do over" their lives. Often contain erotic wish-fulfillment. Often spawned by phrases like "if I only knew then what I know now" or "if I only had a chance to do it over again."

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  7. Harry Potter fan fiction where Harry sends his mind back in time to his younger self on livejournal

Canonical Stories

Novel-length Stories

  • Replay[m] [1987, Wikipedia, Amazon, 1987 320 pages] by Ken Grimwood $8.53
  • Kaleidoscope Century [Wiki, Amazon, 1995, 256 pages] by John Barnes $4.73 (part of a series and rather convoluted)
  • Doing it All Over [sol, 1999, mf Mf mF Mult rom teen cons 1317 KB] by Al Steiner [SOL]
  • The Summerhouse [Amazon, 2002, 416 pages, $7], Return to Summerhouse [Amazon, 2008, 448 pages, $5.76] by Jude Deveraux
  • Reversion [asstr, 2002, 207,700 words] by Varkel Kellis [asstr]
  • Ahead From The Past [sol, 2003, MF mf mF boy gi cons pedo lolita mag tg TimeTr inc mother son bro sis Mdom humil harem 1st oral preg 363KB] by The Purvv [SOL] and Sourdough [SOL]
  • Reality: incubus? (Book One) [sol, 2003, MF mf Mf gi slow tears ESP rom 1st teen cons rape dru violent pett 349 KB] by God's Acolyte SOL
  • Time[h] [sol, 2004, mF FF harem slow rom, 2297 KB] by John Wales [SOL]
  • Rewind [sol , 2004, (in progress) mf slow rom 1st teen sch cons safe oral anal 935KB] by Don Lockwood [sol]
  • Why Didn't I Just... [sol, 2006, MF hist cons 908 KB] by Openbook SOL
  • Rebirth [h] series by John Wales: [SOL]
    1. Rebirth [sol, 2007, mf mF Ff rom inc 527 KB]
    2. Rebirth II [sol, 2007, mf mF mm rom cons inc mother sis 1472 KB]
  • Paul's Redemption [sol, 2007, MF slow humor teen coll het oral 488 KB] by novascriptus [SOL]
  • Retreads [h] series by Rotedrachen: SOL
    1. Retreads [sol, 2007, MF mf mF FF ff fant celeb hist rom teen cons inc dau het group interr WC safe oral anal size creampie 1580 KB]
    2. Retreads Part Deux [sol, 2007, MF fant rom cons mother sis fath dau in-law bi het group 266 KB]
  • Remix [sol, 2007, ff coll tg 427 KB] by Detroitmechworks [SOL]
  • Do Over saga [m][h] 2007? by Dan Kirk [yahoo,gayauthors] mm MM series of four different stories using the same main hero
    1. Do Over [mm MM, 310,580 words]
    2. Do Over Redux [mm MM, 285,955 words]
    3. Doing it Right [mm MM, 128,799 words]
    4. Let's Do It [mm MM, 172,053 words]
  • Echoes[h] [sol, 2008, teen, 472KB] by Sea-Life [SOL]
  • Abort/Retry/Ignore (in progress) [sol, 2011, MF mf Mf mF non-con pedo lolita het ESP inc sis fath cous orgy harem 1st fist preg creampie slow caution trans] by Futurist [SOL]
  • Building a Better Past [sol, 2009, mf ff Mult rom mag 1st oral mastrb pett slow sch 338 KB] by tendertouch SOL
  • High School Again? Ugh! [lit, 2009] by JoeDreamer (in progress) [LIT]
  • Alternate Timeline [smashwords, 2009, adult in baby body] by Daniel Whittman $5
  • The Infinion Series by Cathy Bell [Blog]
    1. Regression [Amazon, smashwords, 2009, multiple universes, 98k words] currently free
    2. Evolussion [Amazon, smashwords, 2010, multiple universes, 86k words] $3
    3. Revolussion [Amazon, smashwords, 2011, 48k words] $4
  • Magestic[m][h] by gwresearch / Geoff Wolak [gw, sol]
    1. Magestic Book 1 [gw, sol, 2010, MF het hist myst 5565 KB]
    2. Magestic Book 2 [gw, 2011, ?] $3
  • If I knew Then... [lit, 2010] by MVPrimetime [LIT] remark original time line is told in Bad Penny [lit, 2010]
  • Repeat Performance [sol, 2010, MF cons slow 321 KB] by Coaster2 SOL
  • Endeavor in Time [smashwords, 2010, 108K words] by Chris Hambleton $3
  • Do Over [ff.net, fanfiction twilight, 2010, 44K words] by TKegl
  • Live It Again [smashwords, 2011, 71K words] by Geoff North $6
  • Love Sex and Time Travel [smashwords, 2011, 86K words] by Stan Rogers $5
  • Remembrance of Things I Forgot [Amazon, 2011, gay 272 pages] by BobSmith $11 (older self return guide younger self)
  • A Fresh Start [SOL, 2011-2014, 6072KB MF mf cons rom het true hist oral anal exhib voy] by rlfj [SOL]
  • Another Time - Another Chance [Amazon, smashwords, 2011, 218p] by Steve Wilhelm and Jennifer Melzer $3
  • Hindsight 20/20 by SmokinDriver [SOL]
  1. Hindsight 20/20 Book 1 [SOL 2012 2032 KB, MF mf mF cons TimeTr Mdom span interr size sch]
  2. Hindsight 20/20 Book 2 [SOL 2013 1404 KB, MF cons TimeTr span]
  3. Hindsight 20/20 Book [SOL 2013 575 KB,MF Mf FF Ff bi TimeTr humor]
  • Lightning in a Bottle [SOL 2012 (in progress) MF mf cons rom TimeTr] by Sage Mullins [SOL]
  • A New Past [SOL 2014, 2157 KB, MF mf cons rom TimeTr] by Charlie Foxtrot [SOL]
  • A Second Chance [SOL 2014, 369 KB, mf mF Teen time-travel humor DoOver inc brother sister granparent first safe oral voy] by Old Man with a Pen [SOL]
  • Another Chance [SOL 2014, 657 KB, mf, hetero] by Old Man with a Pen [SOL]
  • The Road Taken...and Taken [btfh 2014, 104,000 words, PG13-Vio] by Bruce Bretthauer & Colin Keizer (you need to login to http://www.beyondthefarhorizon.net for the story link to work)

Shorter Stories

  • Time and Time Again [gut, 1947, 59kb] by H. Beam Piper
  • Return to My Teenage Years [sol, 2001, mf 1st teen (27 KB):by Sandman1SOL
  • The Book [nicestories, 2003] by Goodsharkey
  • If this is a Dream Don't Wake Me [ sol, 2004, (in progress) mf Mult slow rom 1st teen humor cons coer (162KB) by Slowride SOL
  • Again for Tomorrow [sol, 2004, (in progress) mf Mf Mult TimeTr rom 1st teen cons het oral solo] by XXplorer45 [SOL]
  • Sister: Time Travel [sol, 2004, 115kb, rom 1st inc bro sis cous] by Angel SOL
  • Second Chance [sol, 2005, cynical no-sex fant (5 KB)]by Porlock SOL
  • Mulligan [sol, 2006, incomplete 177kb, MF mf Mult hist harem tears poly teen bi group] by Knight Ranger SOL
  • FTL: Again and Again[m] (includes both do-over and body-switch segments) [sol, 2006, 112kb part of the FTL series] by Timm SOL
  • Again? [sol, 2007, 194kb, MF mf Mult ESP] by Timm SOL
  • To Do It All Again [sol, 2007, cynical (25 KB):by Connard Wellingham SOL
  • Changing Our Past [sol, 2008, 111kb, mf Mult cons ESP] by Timm SOL
  • Take Back Your Knowledge [sol, 2008, 67kb, MF rom 1st cons inc bro sis het safe oral preg] by Young Thinker SOL
  • Cindy, twice [sol, 2008, 19kb, MF mf no-sex fant rom teen het] by GToast SOL
  • Two Wives, Two Lives [sol, 2008, 28kb, MF fant rom 1st cons het] by GToast SOL
  • Let's Take it From the Top [sol, 2009, incomplete, 21kb, 1st] by OdinMage SOL
  • Rewind [sol, 2009, incomplete, 8kb, MF cons het fant 1st pett slow] by heryankee SOL
  • Bear and Sunny - Second Chances [sol, 2009, incomplete,167kb, MF Mf cons rom het 1st preg exhib slow violent] by Bearnsunny SOL
  • Inside Trading [sol, 2011, 70kb, mf mF cons het inc mother son bro sis oral pett BBr] by Fast Eddy SOL
  • Roomies by Patricia51 SOL, LIT lit and sol versions are not exactly the same. The last story in the series make it a do over.
  • Painless [sol, 2011, in progress, mf, Mind Control, Magic, Paranormal, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Violent, School, Military] by JohnyR SOL
  • Do Over! [amazon, 2011, 56KB] by Jeff Kirvin $3.44
  • "A Thing in the Past" [SOL, (in progress) 2012, MF TimeTr hist humor tears bro sis pett] by Richard King [SOL]
  • "A Late Arrival" [sol, 2011, nosex MF het fant ScFi TimeTr tears paranormal, 7kb] by John McDonnell [SOL]
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower with a Huge **** [xnxx, 2013] by hunglikeafly [xnxx]

Movies / TV Shows

  • Groundhog Day [m] (101 minutes, 1993): Wikipedia
  • Peggy Sue Got Married [m] (104 minutes, 1986): Wikipedia
  • Run Lola Run (81 minutes, 1998, de) Wikipedia
  • Donnie Darko (113 minutes, 2001) Wikipedia
  • Do Over (15 x 30 minutes, 2002): Wikipedia
  • 17 Again (105 minutes 2009) Wikipedia
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (116 minutes, 2010) Wikipedia
  • Colorful (127 minutes, 2010): Wikipedia
  • Hot Tub Time Machine (100 minutes, 2010) Wikipedia
  • Source Code (93 minutes, 2011) Wikipedia
  • Camille Redouble (115 minutes, 2012, fr) Wikipedia
  • About Time (123 minutes, 2013) Wikipedia
  • Time Travel Lover by Elisha Yaffe (10 minutes, 2014) vimeo

"Do over" + "body switch" stories

Where the protagonist gets a second chance to re-live their life, but in another person's body.
  • All Times Possible [Amazon, 1974, paperback] by Gordon Eklund $13
  • Once in Every Life [Amazon, 1992, paperback] by Kristen Hannah $8
  • Twice Lucky [h] series by Joe J SOL
    1. Twice Lucky [sol, 2003, 1183kb, mf Mf mF ff Ff TimeTr rom cons inc bro sis bi safe oral anal preg]
    2. Twice Lucky II: Time for a Change [sol, 2004, 1108kb, mf mF FF ff Ff ScFi TimeTr rom cons bi group safe oral]
    3. Twice Lucky III: Divergence [sol, 2004, incomplete, 595kb, MF Mf mF FF Ff TimeTr rom lght]
  • "Fountain of Youth" series by Lazlong: Asstr.org SOL
  1. The Fountain of Youth [sol, 2003, 816kb, mf, ff, mF, mfF, Rom, Inc, Oral, Anal]
  2. The Fountain of Youth II [sol, 2004, 502kb, MF Mf FF Ff Mult slow ScFi humor rom teen cons mc inc mother son bro sis bi het interr BF WM lac preg]
  • Once More with Feelings [sol, 2004, 1161kb, mf mF FF ff cons rom les bi het fant ScFi TimeTr oral pett] by Night Hawk SOL
  • New Life [sol, 2005, 84kb, incomplete, mf mF ff Ff TimeTr harem ScFi 1st teen cons reluc mc mag inc mother son bro sis dau D/S Mdom lght gang exhib preg mod] by Ben SOL
  • Dan and Don - NIS [sol, 2005, incomplete, 1393kb] by ApeMan SOL
  • Play it Again, Sam [m] [sol, 2006, 2008 rewrite, 1167kb, MF Mf FF cons rom ScFi TimeTr group harem oral anal] by Pol SOL
    • Note: used to be 5 separate stories on SOL before being combined
  • FTL: Again and Again [m] (includes both do-over and body-switch segments) by Timm SOL
  • Do-Over by Gary Jordan cynical (300 words): Asstr.org
  • 1984 [sol, 2008, 175kb, MF Mf TimeTr 1st] by just-this-guy SOL
  • Second Time Through (series) by Phil Brown [SOL]
    1. Second Time Through [SOL, 2011, 1148KB, MF mf Mf mF FF ff Ff cons rom het TimeTr hist ESP inc mother bro sis fath dau cous grand niece aunt neph D/S span lght humil harem 1st safe oral anal mastrb slow nud]
    2. Second Time Through - Book II [SOL, 2011, 2553KB, MF mf Mf mF FF ff Ff cons rom TimeTr inc mother bro sis dau grand niece aunt neph D/S span lght harem poly 1st safe oral anal mastrb preg exhib voy slow nud]
    3. Second Time Through - Book III [SOL 2013 (in progress), mf mF ff rom fant TimeTr inc harem poly 1st oral anal mastrb exhib slow sch nud]
  • A Second Chance to Make It Right [SOL, 2012, 120KB, mf cons rom TimeTr inc 1st oral slow] by Submissive Romantic [SOL]
  • Objects in Motion [SOL, 2012, in progress, Ma/Fa, Time Travel, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest] by Dark Apostole [SOL]

"Do over" + "a stitch in time" stories

Where the protagonist gets a second chance to re-live their life, by skipping forward in time
  • A Stitch in Time [sol, 2006, 716kb, mf Mf mF TimeTr teen cons] by Marsh Alien: SOL

Body Switch Stories

These stories involve a body switch, often an old or mature person inhabiting a young body.
There is no travel back in time, so the "arriving" consciousness doesn't have foreknowledge;
however, it typically has more experience, skills, etc. making the host an apparent prodigy in some respects.
There is a partial do-over effect, since the arriving person has a chance to live again as a child or young(ish) adult.
Here is a wikipedia list: Body swap appearances in media
  • Vice Versa [1882, 349pp, gutenberg, wikipedia]
  • The Star Kings [1947, webscription] & Return to the Stars [1969, webscription] by Edmond Hamilton $4
  • I Will Fear No Evil [1970, amazon, wikipedia] by Robert A. Heinlein $9.65
  • T.R.E.S [SOL, 2005, 1076 KB, MF mf FF Ff Mult rom 1st teen cons mag inc mother son bro sis dau bi group anal mastrb fist toys squirt creampie] by Paul Phenomenon [SOL] and Ms. Friday [SOL]
  • Magician Sequence "Eleven-year-old Arthur wakes up to find an ancient wizard sharing his brain" by Xenophon Hendrix [SOL, Blog]:
  1. Magician's Merger [SOL, Blog, 2008, 599 KB, fant, minimal sex]
  2. Magician's Integration [Blog, 2009 incomplete fant]
  • Akkadian Statuette [sol , BTFH, 2011, 301 KB, mf cons rom rape het fant poly 1st safe oral sch] by zaliterr [sol]
  • "Body Swap" [SOL, 2011, in progress, fantasy MF cons fant paranormal inc 1st] by Clansman [SOL]
  • "Bob Roberts" series by Barneyr [SOL]
  1. What's All the Fuss About? [SOL 2010, 1291 KB, MF mf mF cons rom mc het fant ScFi ESP inc mother son bro sis 1st safe oral mastrb ws preg]
  2. Second Semester - Working for a Living [SOL 2011, 719 KB, MF mf cons rom het ScFi inc bro sis 1st mastrb slow]
  • I Need to Remember [SOL 2013, 200 KB, rom mag les tg TimeTr slow] by Ahaz [SOL]
  • Second Chance [m] (in progress) [SOL 2015, mF, SF, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Oral, Masturbation, Petting] by Number 7

Special Marks for Subcategories

[m] Multiple time trips, e.g. the protagonist may travel back in time, then return to the "present", and so on.
[h] Modifying the history on large scale, e.g. preventing disasters, creating alternate futures.

stories in grey are not available anymore; if you find a link let us know
stories in red are incomplete and not updated anymore
stories in green are sold or require a premium account on SOL

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